Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Wiesel tuning module

Do I need a crank puller?

On the Bosch Active Line and Perfomance Line models (up to 2019), the left crank often has to be removed so that the motor cover can be removed. A crank puller is available to order for this purpose.
It is best to check how to remove the motor cover before ordering.

How fast can I drive with the tuning module?

Of course, this depends somewhat on the type of bike and the gear ratio. Usually 35 km/h will be possible on the flat without any problems or effort. Above 40 km/h, the gear ratio of the bike will usually no longer be sufficient and the pedaling speed will be too high.

Will the tuning drain my battery faster?

Fuel consumption does not increase below 25 km/h as a result of tuning. There is no more torque than without tuning (unlike car tuning, for example). At speeds >25 km/h, battery consumption then increases sharply, as the power required depends mainly on air resistance. This increases quadratically with speed.

If the range is not to be reduced too much even with tuning, then we recommend simply switching down the assistance level (e.g. Eco). This way you can still benefit from tuning, but the range will not decrease as much.

Is my eBike supported by a Bosch mid-motor?

Very probably yes. An overview of which tuning module is required can be found here:

I'm having problems installing it and can't get it activated?

Incorrectly selected plugs / sockets are very often the cause of installation problems. Please compare the photos in the installation instructions with your actual installation situation. Not all plugs are always connected if, for example, no light is installed. The speed sensor plug is often confused with the light plug. The Bosch speed sensor plug is always gray at the front.

If you have any questions, please always send us photos of the installed tuning module showing all plugs and sockets.

My tuning module no longer works. What should I do?

This usually means that the eBike only supports up to 25 km/h as without the tuning module. The tuning module is not defective but simply deactivated. It can be reactivated very easily.
There are instructions here:

Tuning can no longer be activated?

This is usually because the bike has not been switched off long enough to change the mode. Especially with newer displays such as the Nyon or the Kiox, it can take some time until the bike is switched off and the chip is de-energized.

With the Kiox300, you have to wait until the text "See you soon..." has gone out and the display has gone black. This can take up to 15 seconds.

Even with enough waiting time, the tuning cannot be activated?

Please check whether the magnet is correctly aligned. Otherwise the magnet pulses will not be sent cleanly to the tuning module.

Move the magnet exactly 3 times past the sensor (do not stop in front of it) and not twice as often by mistake.

If you are not sure where the magnet is (e.g. because it is in the brake disk), you can also simply make 3 full rotations with the rear wheel. This will ensure that the magnet passes the speed sensor exactly 3 times.

How accurate is the modified speed display?

The basis for the accuracy is the wheel diameter stored in the motor control unit, regardless of the tuning module. First adjust this (in the Intuvia, Kiox or Nyon display) or have it changed by your dealer (Purion display). Then carry out the calibration again. The tuning module converts the speed exactly. For example, 32 km/h is displayed exactly as 23.2 km/h.

My speed display is not correct?

If 20.0 km/h is not displayed on the speedometer after switching on the eBike, the tuning module must be calibrated once. The conversion to the modified speed is then correct.

The calibration remains permanently stored in the tuning module even if it is removed.

My eBike only supports up to 25 km/h despite tuning?

There are several possibilities here:

1. Is 20 km/h displayed briefly after switching on?
If not, then the tuning is simply deactivated. Here are the instructions for switching the tuning back on permanently:

2. Is a value other than 20.0 km/h displayed after switching on?
If so, please call up the calibration once.

3. Sometimes the setting for the maximum assistance speed is inadvertently changed instead of the calibration. There are 2 setting options:

"Maximum assistance speed": you can access this mode with 4 magnetic pulses
"Calibration mode": you can access this mode with 5 magnetic pulses

It is best to carry out the calibration first and then set the maximum speed again (e.g. to 35 km/h).

4. Last but not least, there is also the phenomenon that you are actually riding at 35 km/h and the motor switches off. As a driver, however, you think that you are only traveling at 25 km/h:

The speed display is modified from 22 km/h upwards. At 32 km/h, for example, only 23.2 km/h is reported to the motor, which continues to provide assistance. The display can be read by ignoring the leading 2 and the decimal point.

From a speed of 35 km/h, the display then jumps from 23.5 to 25 km/h so that the motor switches off the assistance. This means that you are actually riding at 35 km/h even if the speedometer only shows 25 km/h.

Does the Smart System tuning module really not work with a rim magnet?

No, because no tuning module can be installed without a speed sensor.

You can ask your dealer to convert the system to a normal magnet. Tell him that the magnetic cleats interfere with the speedometer. Or that the rim magnet is constantly switching off your pacemaker. It is also possible that your Doberman with the iron necklace is now constantly doing somersaults when you go for a walk...

How can I check which software is on my bike (Bosch)?

The software on the motor (also known as the drive unit) is particularly interesting. This can be read with any display. You can find instructions on how to do this at this link:

My display looks different from the instructions. Will it still work?

Yes, the display shown in the instructions is only an example. The Wiesel tuning is independent of the display and even works without a display. See also the next question.

Does the tuning also work without a display?

Yes, in principle the operation also works without a display. The only difference is that when the eBike is switched on, it is not indicated whether the tuning is currently on or off.
For tunings that only support up to a certain speed (e.g. for the Bosch Smart System), the calibration should be called up once. Otherwise, bikes with a large tire circumference in particular will not be supported up to the set speed (e.g. 35 km/h). The eBike Flow app can be used for this with the Smart System. See also the next question.

How can I use the tuning with the eBike Flow app?

Tuning is operated with the eBike Flow app in the same way as with any other display.

If a mode is to be changed (e.g. deactivate tuning), the eBike only needs to be switched off so that the tuning chip is de-energized once. The cell phone and the app can remain on.

Will the tuning also give me more power?

All eBike tuning increases the cut-off speed. More power (as with car tuning, for example) is not possible.

Can the speed of the push assist be increased?

No, that is not possible.

Can the chip also be used to tune my rollator, senior mobility scooter or lawnmower?

Unfortunately not. The tuning module only works on eBikes with a mid-motor.

Payment, shipping and returns

What are your bank details?

For a direct bank transfer please use the following account:

Account holder: Wiesel Tuning
IBAN: DE42700400410240066100
Bank: Commerzbank AG

The order number is sufficient as subject.

Can I change the address at a later date?

The goods are shipped automatically from a warehouse in Germany. Therefore, please check that your details are correct before paying. Especially if the address data was taken directly from Paypal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Which shipping service provider is used for shipping?

We ship 99% of the time with DHL as this is the most reliable shipping method.

In exceptional cases, parcels are shipped from an Amazon warehouse. The shipping service provider is then chosen at random (e.g. Hermes or Amazon Logistics).

How long does shipping take and will I receive a tracking number?

Our goods are always in stock unless otherwise stated and will be dispatched as quickly as possible.

After dispatch you will receive a tracking number by email.

Is shipping to a Packstation possible?

Yes, please enter your DHL Post number in the "Company" field. Please enter the Packstation number in the "Street" field.

Do you also ship to other European countries?

Yes, we value the freedom of movement of the European Union and want to support this by making no distinction for shipping. From a value of EUR 50, shipping is free of charge to all 27 member states.

Can I take the tuning module out of the packaging and still return it later?

Of course! Install and try it out in any case. A return is always possible within 30 days.

How can I return goods?

Please send us a short email. We will send you a link to a free return label.

Outside Germany:
Unfortunately, we cannot provide a return label for returns outside Germany and therefore cannot offer free return shipping. Please send us the product with tracking to our return address:

RS Innovation GmbH
Tilsiter Weg 4
D-85661 Forstinning

Please understand that refunds may take a few days, especially during peak season.