Legal information and disclaimer

Intended use:

The Wiesel tuning module may only be operated on private property and race tracks that are closed off to public traffic. Operation is prohibited and not permitted within the scope of the StVO. Make sure that other people cannot use your tuned eBike (e.g. by blocking it off).

Due to the higher speed, the tuned eBike is exposed to higher loads and wear, resulting in additional safety risks. Depending on the model, the tuned eBike may not be designed for high speeds and the failure of safety-relevant parts (e.g. brakes, frame, tires, handlebars, etc.) is to be expected. Before installing the tuning module, have them checked regularly by a specialist and replaced if necessary. Shorten the inspection and maintenance intervals to take account of the increased load.

The higher speed increases the risk of accidents and injuries. The risk of damaging other people or property also increases. Damage caused when operating a tuned eBike is no longer covered by private liability insurance. The braking distance increases and the demands on the rider (e.g. reaction time, riding ability) increase. Always ride carefully, use protective clothing such as helmets and protectors and do not put yourself or others in danger.

Use of the Wiesel tuning module is at your own risk and responsibility. No liability is accepted for any present or future damage to objects or persons resulting from installation/removal and use. Obtain further technical and legal information before installing the tuning module. This applies in particular to country-specific regulations.

The warranty of your eBike may be invalidated by the use of the tuning module, as the use of the Wiesel tuning module constitutes a modification or manipulation of your eBike. Manufacturer software updates, e.g. as part of an inspection, may partially or completely restrict the function of the Wiesel tuning module. Please take this into account if an update is to be carried out.