E-bike tuning for Bosch motors (Gen 1 - 4)


✔ For all Bosch motors of generations 1 to 4 (not Smart System)
✔ Motor support above 25 km/h
✔ Can be activated and deactivated
✔ Can also only be activated for the current ride
✔ Maximum support speed can be set
✔ Real speed can be read in modified form
✔ Not visible from the outside
✔ Correct display of kilometers ridden
✔ No risk: Try it out for 30 days with free return

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Motor assistance above 25 km/h

The tuning module ensures that the motor support of your eBike is still active at speeds above 25 km/h.

Tuning can be activated and deactivated

You can use a clever on/off sequence for your eBike to optimize the tuning

  • activate, deactivate or
  • only once for the current ride. After switching off the eBike, the tuning is then gone.

The activated tuning is signaled via the speedometer when the eBike is switched on. This means you always know which mode is active.

Real speed modified readable

To ensure that the motor assistance also works above 25 km/h, a lower speed than the actual speed is displayed when tuning is activated:

Below 22 km/h, the real speed is displayed.

Above 22 km/h, mentally move the decimal point displayed in the speedometer one place to the right. The leading 2 on the far left then no longer has any function.

Example: A speed of 35 km/h is displayed as: 23.8 km/h

Advantage: The verifiable average speed always remains inconspicuously below 25 km/h!

Maximum support speed adjustable

You can set the speed up to which the motor should provide assistance. This ranges from 31 to 50 km/h in steps of 1 km/h. The default setting for this tuning module is 45 km/h.

Once the cut-off speed has been reached, the motor assistance is gently reduced.

The speed remains visible even above the set switch-off speed.

Correct display of kilometers driven

Due to the low speed displayed when tuning is activated, the mileage in the speedometer is initially lower than the actual mileage. This is compensated for by the tuning module at the end of the journey. The speedometer then displays the exact distance traveled.

Supported Bosch motors

All Bosch motor generations 1 to 4 are supported:

  • Classic Line / Plus
  • Active Line / Plus
  • Performance Line / CX
    Notes on Gen 4 engines

There will be all Displays supported:

If the eBike has one of the above control units, the tuning module will work with it in any case.
If you have a different display than shown above, then the bike is most likely a Bosch Smart System. In this case, please select this solution: E-Bike tuning for Bosch Smart System


Installation takes just a few minutes and can also be completely reversed. The tuning module is inserted between the speed sensor and the motor of your pedelec. It is not visible from the outside. No complex programming required. Simply plug it in and ride off.

More information

A detailed description of the range of functions and installation instructions can be found here in the instructions.

We have answered the most frequent customer queries in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Please also note the legal information on tuning!

Scope of delivery

  • Tuning module with original plugs
  • Operating and installation instructions (German, English and Italian)
  • Cable ties and stickers

It is best to order the crank puller for installation at the same time!

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