Bosch display mount adapter - front cable outlet (BDS3250)

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- Cable outlet for forward routing (please check suitability in advance)
- Display mount for Bosch eBike Smart System BES3
- Enables the use of E-Bike displays or SmartphoneGrip (BSP3200)
- For E-Bikes with Bosch Smart System from 2022
- Is screwed onto the Bosch handlebar mount
- With spring release for easy release and attachment of the display
- Incl. screw-on removal lock for the Kiox 300 display
- power supply via the e-bike electrical system
- system connection and control via the LED Remote

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To connect to the Bosch Kiox 300 or the SmartphoneGrip from the Bosch eBike Smart System, the display holder is required as an adapter to attach the components to the handlebar mount. The Smart System display cables are plugged into the two connection sockets on the back for connection to the LED remote and motor control. Depending on the positioning of the holder and the cable routing, the Bosch display mount is available in two connection versions, one facing forwards and one facing backwards. The adapter version with cable outlet at the front (in the direction of travel) is suitable for optimum cable routing when positioning the holder behind the handlebars. The spring mechanism and the Bosch logo always point in the direction of travel.

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