Bosch SmartphoneGrip (BSP3200)


  • The SmartphoneGrip holds the smartphone while the eBike Flow app provides all the important information: Navigation data, speed, battery charge level and remaining range
  • Suitable for smartphones incl. camera mount and case with the following dimensions H: 6.8-13 mm, W: 67- 88 mm, L: 123-175 mm
  • Suitable for smartphones up to a total weight of 276 g including case
  • Only for the new Bosch Smart System (replaces e.g. the Kiox 300)

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Bosch SmartphoneGrip cell phone holder for bicycles

The smartphone becomes an eBike display!

The SmartphoneGrip connects the eBike with the digital world: simply attach it to the handlebars, place the smartphone on top and open the eBike Flow app. And you're done.

The SmartphoneGrip holds the smartphone while the eBike Flow app provides all the important information:

  • Navigation data
  • Speed
  • Battery charge level
  • Remaining range

With the smartphone holder, you can use your cell phone as an e-bike display. The eBike Flow app gives you access to all the necessary functions, which can be operated with the optional LED remote via Bluetooth.


  • Smartphone display solution suitable for smartphones incl. camera assembly and cover with the following dimensions: Length 123 - 175 mm, width 67 - 88 mm, height 6.8 - 13 mm*
  • Suitable for smartphones up to a total weight of 276 g including case*
  • Optimale Integration des Smartphones schützt das Smartphone bei Fahrten auf befestigten Wegen ohne Sprünge bei durchschnittlichen Geschwindigkeiten zwischen 15 und 25 km/h, wie z.B. asphaltierte Straßen, Feldwege, durch Schotter oder Sand befestigte Wege, befestigte Waldwege, auf denen wenig Absätze (< 15 cm) vorhanden sind
  • Full modularity: The SmartphoneGrip is compatible with the display holder, so you can switch flexibly between the SmartphoneGrip and the Kiox 300
  • Flexible positioning of the SmartphoneGrip possible thanks to the modular display holder
  • Wireless charging of the smartphone when the smartphone is attached to the SmartphoneGrip (only for smartphones that support inductive charging)
  • Wired charging of the smartphone via the micro USB port on the SmartphoneGrip
  • LED on the left-hand side of the SmartphoneGrip indicates the charging status of the smartphone (e.g. when inductive charging is activated, charging via USB or when fully charged)
  • Maximum power when charging the smartphone: 7.5 W (5 V, 1.5 A) for wireless charging and 5 W (5 V, 1 A) for wired charging
  • Smart design: speaker and charging socket of the smartphone are freely accessible, buttons are not pressed
  • With closed USB cap IP54 protected against dust and splash water
  • Temperature range: -5 °C to +40 °C (operation) and +10 °C to +40 °C (storage)

* Not suitable for hinged covers and case covers

Connectivity and compatibility

  • eBike Flow app for compatible smartphones (from Android 7.1 or iOS 14)
  • The SmartphoneGrip in conjunction with the eBike Flow app is only available for eBikes with the smart system from Bosch eBike Systems. For eBikers with the Bosch eBike System 2, the SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike are still available as smartphone display solutions

eBike Flow app functions

  • Ride - secure control of the eBike Flow app via the LED remote on the handlebars
  • Ride - display of ride data (speed, distance, ride time)
  • Ride - display of eBike data (current riding mode, average speed, remaining range, charge status and light status)
  • Ride - display of the time and smartphone battery
  • Ride - graphical display of current power (comparison of engine power to self-generated power)
  • Navigation - quick and easy route planning via the eBike Flow app
  • Navigation - detailed map view in the eBike Flow app
  • Navigation - Turn-by-turn directions
  • Navigation - display of expected arrival time, remaining distance and road conditions when planning the route
  • Navigation - display of contextual information on the map (POIs, eBike retailers, eBike charging stations)
  • Navigation - choice between different route profiles and customized map displays depending on the riding situation (Leisure, Daily, eMTB)

Further product information Bosch SmartphoneGrip bike mount

If you want to use your smartphone as an e-bike display, the eBike Flow app offers you full functionality - and more. Of course, it displays the usual data such as time, speed, riding time, distance, battery charge level and power output from both the rider and the motor. It also serves as a navigation device, guiding you to your desired destination with route guidance - including a detailed map display with turn-by-turn directions and points of interest. When planning the route, you are informed of the estimated time of arrival, the remaining distance and the surface conditions. In addition, route profiles and map views can be set to suit the area of use.

With the app, you can also fine-tune the riding modes, i.e. the support of the e-bike motor, and adapt them to your own requirements so that they are designed for either more support or more range. The eBike Lock, which turns your cell phone into a digital key, is particularly practical. If you activate the function, the motor can only be started via Bluetooth with your cell phone. This makes the e-bike less attractive to thieves, because nobody wants an e-bike whose motor doesn't work.

*TheSmartphoneGrip is not suitable for paths with steps over 15 cm high or for rides with jumps.

**Thesupported dimensions of the smartphones used, including camera assembly and case, are as follows: H: 6.8 - 13 mm, W: 67 - 88 mm, L: 123 - 175 mm. Suitable for smartphones up to a total weight of 276 g incl. case. Folding cases and cases are not supported.

Bike shown, smartphone and LED remote not included in the scope of delivery

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